Kozmic Blue's Kennel
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Year 2012

Kozmic Blue's Pokerface (male) and Kozmic Blue's Pearl (female)

Year 2005
1 female (Kozmic Blue's Glamorous Girl)

Year 2004
1 male ( Kozmic Blue's Flash Gordon)

Year 2003
1 male (Kozmic Blue's Elwood) and one female (Kozmic Blue's Expect the Best)

Year 2003
1 male (Kozmic Blue's Earthworm Jim)

Year 2003
1 male (Kozmic Blue's Einstein)

1 female (Kozmic Blue's Esmeralda)

Year 2000
 2 females and 1 male (Kozmic Blue's Comet, Charlotte and Cody)

Year 2000
1 male (Kozmic Blue's Colby)