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Pandoras Kozmic Blue's in Motion, born 12.11.2003-03.09.2009 (accidental death)
congo red stain negative!

(1 x BOB, 1 x CAC, 2 x 2nd best bitch, 2 x RESERVE CAC)


My dream came true on 26th of January 2004!

I finally have my own Little Blue Shar Pei!

Pandoras Kozmic Blues in Motion arrived to our family from Michigan USA from Pandoras Kennels.

More pictures and pedigree on our shar peis-page!

She is regal, aloof, dignified and essentially a very independent dog. She is a loving, devoted family dog. Shar Pei are often described as "people dogs", preferring human companionship to that of other dogs. Their quick intelligence may play a part in this. Perhaps they sense our own intelligence and prefer the inventiveness and creativity we bring to situations. Or maybe they just prefer their master's love and attention.

She is always by my side - wherever I may be. Shar Pei seem to be "in tune" with their owners - sometimes sensing our innermost thoughts. The breed is quite capable to use this gift to the point of manipulation!! With this in mind Shar Pei owners must be at least a little more intelligent than their dogs LOL !

She will always be in mind and she lives on in her children and children's children, I miss you Bebe!

At this moment we have 2 shar peis NORDJW-09 Kozmic Blue's Miss Snow White aka Lumi (cream dilute/platinum) and red import boy FI & SE CH & HeJW-11 & FINJW-11 Angeleyes aka Velho.

We hopefully have puppies out of Lumi and Velho next Summer!


Once the proper hierarchy is established, there is no better canine companion. A mutual understanding matures into a loving relationship in which verbal communication seems unnecessary.

Those who have lived with and loved a Shar Pei know that they are indeed very special dogs. They are super-intelligent, intuitive and deserving of the opportunity to take their rightful place in the canine society.

One of the best qualities of the Shar Pei is that they are very easy to house train. By nature they are very clean and will prefer to "go" outside in a private place, leaving your garden and lawn "mine" free!

She surely was everything I hoped for. She was so lovely and got along with her many many times bigger pals so well! She was a brave little girl and we miss her so much!


Step in and meet our shar peis!